Warped La Hacienda Superiores
The folks at Warped have really laid it on us this time. The Warped La Hacienda Superiores quickly won over your Las Vegas Cigar Guys. Despite the ending of the Cuban trade embargo formally in the last year, nostalgia runs high for not only Cuban cigars, but also for... Read more
Alec Bradley Post Embargo: REVIEW
Thanks to cigars like the Alec Bradley Post Embargo, it’s been a good 2015 for the cigar industry and thus a good year for the cigar smoker. With the release of so many great cigars this year, it’s hard to select your favorites. We’ll be doing that in a... Read more
Bulleit Bourbon the Apple of Our Eye
As a cigar smoker, nothing in my eyes pairs better with many of my favorite smokes as a good bourbon. In recent years, the bourbon market is going strong thanks for big and small players alike introducing new small batch concoctions to keep even the most complex palate happy.... Read more
REVIEW: Aging Room F59 Quattro
On many a given day, you can find the Las Vegas Cigar Guys hanging out at En Fuego Cigars & Lounge on Sahara Ave., just a few blocks off the famous Las Vegas Strip. Owner Michael Abdoulah never steers us wrong which is why when he told us the story... Read more