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For the first time, the Las Vegas Cigar Guys review a locally-produced hand rolled cigar – the En Fuego Cigars Don Antonio from our... En Fuego Cigars Don Antonio 5

For the first time, the Las Vegas Cigar Guys review a locally-produced hand rolled cigar – the En Fuego Cigars Don Antonio from our friends at En Fuego Cigars & Lounge in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV.

Over the course of our short existence, the Las Vegas Cigar Guys have tried to bring you useful reviews and news about cigars and particularly about the scene here in Sin City. We’ve reviewed big brand cigars, and some of the great boutique sticks changing the face of the cigar industry. We’ve had fun but we’ve never reviewed “one of our own.” We recently sat down to do just that – review a locally produced cigar, and, in this case, the En Fuego Cigars Don Antonio.

There are lots of shops throughout the nation who produce “house” cigars. Mostly, they are solid and affordable cigars. With En Fuego Cigars & Lounge, we’ve been fans of just about every variety of cigar they hand roll at their Sahara Avenue location. From the Maduro torpedo, to the sweet Churchill, you can’t go wrong with any of them. But recently, we’ve heard from new and longtime customers just how good the En Fuego Cigars Don Antonio cigar is. We saw that as our opening to finally review one of these cigars from a hometown lounge.

If you haven’t visited En Fuego Cigars & Lounge, just off The Strip in Las Vegas, it’s not only a great and friendly lounge, but it’s also a mini cigar factory with two full-time cigar rollers. These cigars can be purchased online via En Fuego Cigars & Lounge’s website, or in person when you visit our fine city.

The Master – Antonio Martinez

Owner Michael Abdoulah, a literal walking good time, hired his master cigar roller and Dominican native Antonio Martinez when he bought the shop four years ago. The relationship has produced some stellar cigars over the years and the En Fuego Cigars Don Antonio is increasingly becoming one of those hallmark cigars everyone lists as a “must smoke.”

When we talked to Martinez prior to our review, he gave us a great background in his vision of the En Fuego Cigars Don Antonio and it’s unique and electrifying blend.

The Bonafides

Wrapper: San Andreas Maduro (Mexico)

Binder: Olor (Dominican)

Filler: Cubano Piloto (Dominican)

Size: 5.75 x 52

Price: $10.50

The Cigar

Starting with Cuban San Vicente seed (San Vicente is a hybrid of Piloto Cubano and was originally developed on the San Vicente farm in Cuba’s Vuelta Abajo), the En Fuego Cigars Don Antonio cigar is made with the Cubano Piloto filler (aged eight years), and Dominican Olor binder and finished with an almost picture-perfect San Andreas Maduro wrapper from Mexico – Itself aged for over seven and half years. The cigars are then aged, on average, for nearly three months before they’re sold to customers.

“With the En Fuego Cigars Don Antonio we really wanted to create a full-bodied cigar that’s bold with an amazing aroma,” Martinez said. “For a cigar smoker who likes a bold cigar, this is going to be one they really enjoy and we’re proud of it.”

As we straight-cut the En Fuego Cigars Don Antonio, we took a pre-lit draw that was flawless. The delicate and full tobacco taste was evident and inviting. The wrapper flawless without too much oil or sheen and it’s simple, classic band appealing to the eye. As our mouth’s water, we spark up the lighter and dive into the En Fuego Cigars Don Antonio.

First Third

For a bold cigar with this blend, we’re surprised at how nice and even the En Fuego Cigars Don Antonio starts. It’s both creamy and medium right from the light giving off a bit of cocoa notes to us. We’re not all snooty with the cigar notes but this baby starts creamy and almost mild. The burn is perfectly even and the ash the perfect shade of gray. Both my partner Bill Dumas and I accompanied the cigar with an espresso and instantly noticed it was a match made in heaven. The creaminess of the first third, coupled with the coffee put us at ease and we were in full relaxed cigar lounge mode.

Second Third

The creaminess of the first third gave way to a nice – and strong but never harsh – bold and full tobacco taste and savory aroma. As Martinez had told us, the En Fuego Cigars Don Antonio blend really lends itself to a fantastic aromatic smoking experience and we fully agree. Even though the boldness increases greatly here, it’s never overpowering and is so consistent we were surprised a locally-made cigar could do it. This one does have some leather notes and lingering creaminess abound. As we head toward the final third, we’re eagerly awaiting what’s in store for the end of the En Fuego Cigars Don Antonio.

LVCG Co-Founder Bill with his Don Antonio

Final Third

As Bill and I continue to sip our espresso, the fact the cigar pairs so well with it again comes up in our conversation. The stronger creaminess of the first third returns in spades as the boldness stays consistently in front throughout. Many bold cigars can get harsh in the final third making the final stage of the experience less enjoyable. We’re happy to say the En Fuego Cigars Don Antonio does not. We’re focused on just how consistent the smoke has been and it’s really strong performance and our enjoyable smoking experience. We both smoke it to a small nub and hate to say goodbye.

The Verdict

What can we say, the En Fuego Cigars Don Antonio is one of our favorite cigars of 2016. Yes, it’s locally made in Las Vegas, but it can stand up with just about any major brand on the market today. Reminding us a bit of the Arturo Fuente Don Carlos No. 2, or even some pricey Padron cigars, this is a cigar that has to be on your bucket list when you visit Las Vegas. Abdoulah and Martinez have created a blend that any cigar lover would enjoy. It’s bold, it’s aromatic, and it’s flavorful.

And if you can’t make it to Las Vegas anytime soon, you can order them from En Fuego Cigars & Lounge by calling the lounge at (702) 384-9262 and ordering over the phone. Believe us, having these delivered to your doorstep will be the highlight of your week.

Rating:  5-out-of-5

En Fuego Cigars Don Antonio

Scott Gulbransen Editor-in-Chief/Partner

Scott Gulbransen is Partner and Editor of the Las Vegas Cigar Guys and is a 20 year public relations, digital marketing, social marketing and journalism pro with a love for cigars. He's published author of two books and is working on a third.

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