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The new Nomad SA-17 takes the great aspects of other Nomad cigars now with a rich and bold San Andreas wrapper. When a new... Nomad SA-17 4.5

The new Nomad SA-17 takes the great aspects of other Nomad cigars now with a rich and bold San Andreas wrapper.

When a new cigar hits the street, the Las Vegas Cigar Guys like to take it for a quick spin as soon as we can get our hands on it. It’s no different with the new Nomad SA-17 from the ever-cool and hard-working Fred Rewey, Nomad’s founder.

We were able to get two for review from Michael Abdoulah at En Fuego Cigars & Lounge in Las Vegas and smoked one for you to give you our early thoughts. Nomad has become well known in recent years for their great cigars and blend prowess but never had ventured into the San Andreas-wrapped cigar arena until now.

We’ve reviewed the Nomad C-276 Toro on the site in the past and loved it. In fact, Nomad is in the regular rotation when it comes to cigars we keep in our humidor. It’s a fantastic boutique brand that keeps getting better with each release.

But how is this new Nomad SA-17? Let’s get into it, shall we?


Wrapper: San Andreas

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua (Esteli and Condega Ligero)

Size(s): 6×50 (Toro), 5×50 (Roubusto), 4×56 (Shorty), and 5.5×46 (Corinita)

Price: $7-10


The Cigar

As usual, the Nomad SA-17 uses a rich blend of Nicaraguan tobacco from the Esteli region and the latest release is also produced at the AJ Fernandez factory – like the Nomad C-276 Toro we reviewed some time back. For the first time, Nomad has utilized a deep, dark and bold San Andreas wrapper giving the cigar a rich and tantalizing look. For the experienced cigar smoker, it sticks out and really grabs your attention. It’s deep, brown wrapper is almost perfect with no signs of imperfections. It’s just a great looking cigar.

For this review, we smoked the Nomad SA-17 Corinita (5.5×46) with a straight cut.

First Third

The Nomad SA-17 starts out nice with a rich, earthy note once we light it up. The draw is nice and easy, mostly, for a smaller gauge cigar. Hints of cedar and a tiny bit of pepper hit us pretty immediately tipping this cigar will be a medium-bold experience – just up our alley. The immediate burn produces a nice, light gray ash and the cigar burns evenly throughout the first third. The inclusion of the San Andreas does not disappoint and adds a great taste to a blend very similar to the aforementioned Nomad C-276 Toro.

Second Third

The boldness and strong flavor of the first third backs off a bit as we go along in our smoke of the Nomad SA-17. Here, we picked up a more mellow creaminess and cocoa note without the cigar losing its strong and prominent natural tobacco flavor. The burn continues nicely with no problems or unevenness. Here, we really feel mellow and can soak in the nice blend of the Nomad SA-17.

Final Third

Waking us up from our mellow cigar siesta of the second third, the final third of the Nomad SA-17 brings back the strong and bold experience of our first light. The cigar gets some nutty notes here combined with pepper and the cocoa of the second third. While the boldness takes the stage for its encore, the cigar is never overpowering nor harsh. The tobacco used in the Nomad SA-17 was obviously aged to perfection as no ammonia or other signs of a quick-to-market aging process were present. It doesn’t disappoint in its end and we smoke this little guy right down to the nub before calling it a day.


The Nomad SA-17 is a welcomed addition to the already accomplished and successful Nomad line. With its rich blend, and new San Andreas wrapper, it really is close to the Nomad C-276 capturing the same great flavor and experience of its big brother. The addition of this San Andreas wrapper to the Nomad SA-17 has nicely rounded out what is already a great boutique brand. There’s no doubt you should add it to your “must-smoke” list soon and make sure you have some for the humidor at home. Thanks again Fred – keep doing your magic.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Bill Dumas Partner/Editor

Bill Dumas is Parnter/Editor of Las Vegas Cigar Guys and a veteran cigar smoker of over 25 years with a passion for cigars. A former retail cigar shop owner, his knowledge about cigars and the business is second-to-none.

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