Alec Bradley Post Embargo: REVIEW Alec Bradley Post Embargo: REVIEW
Thanks to cigars like the Alec Bradley Post Embargo, it’s been a good 2015 for the cigar industry and thus a good year for... Alec Bradley Post Embargo: REVIEW 5

Thanks to cigars like the Alec Bradley Post Embargo, it’s been a good 2015 for the cigar industry and thus a good year for the cigar smoker. With the release of so many great cigars this year, it’s hard to select your favorites. We’ll be doing that in a different post to end the year, but wanted to share with you our thoughts on one of our favorites of 2015.

Not only is the cigar amazing, but the band and branding top-notch.

We found this cigar late in the year, but it’s impression on us has been lasting.

The Alec Bradley Post Embargo celebrates the end of the Cuban embargo but really is a rallying cry for the cigar maker. Cuban cigars, long to be considered the best in the world, have been hard to obtain for the past 60 years. Bradley built the Post Embargo to say: our cigars can stand up to any around the world. The end of the Cuban embargo will help cigar makers prove theirs are just as good – if not better – than some of the long-sought after Cuban brands unavailable to most smokers.

The Alec Bradley Post Embargo is a beautifully Honduran-wrapped medium-full bodied cigar with both Nicaraguan and Honduran binder and filler. Articulately rolled at the Raices Cubana factory in Honduras, the attention to detail and the beauty of the cigar is clear when you pick it up. Always a fan of great bands, the Post Embargo boasts one of the nicest we’ve seen in a while. With it’s representation of the two women – one Cuban, one American – it catches your eye and really is the first statement you get from this power-packed stick.

The Bonafides

Cigar: Alec Bradley Post Embargo

Size:  6.25 x 54 (Toro)

Wrapper: Honduras (Corojo)

Binder: Nicaragua, Honduras (Dual)

Filler: Nicaragua, Honduras

Strength: Medium-Full

Price: $7.50-$9

First Third

Lighting the Toro cigar, you immediately get the full-bodied experience I and many of the Las Vegas Cigar Guys enjoy. The wrapper wasn’t over oily and the cigar packed nice and tight. Lighting it was a breeze and it started a very consistent burn throughout. Earthy spice and a nutty note was noticed as soon as we lit up.

Second Third

The burn was beautiful and consistent in the second third as it was when we first lit the cigar. A few of the guys noticed some cocoa notes in this third, but for me I just really had a nice and well-balanced tobacco taste here. Others picked up some licorice and creamy notes too. This is where the cigar really hit its stride.

Post Embargo is one of our favs of 2015

Final Third

The end of the experience brought forth more earth and pepper as we finished out this cigar. Despite the spice, the cigar kept its creamy notes as it did in the second third. The burn was, again, amazingly consistent with a nice ash and not much flaking. The cigar remained lit from start to nub. Of the four guys I sat with to smoke the Post Embargo, all loved it and all were quick to buy another. Heck, we bought a box immediately for our LVCG locker at En Fuego Cigars & Lounge.


As I said from the get-go, we really liked the Post Embargo. The smoking experience, consistency, and savory notes made it one of our most enjoyable smokes of 2015. From the band to the taste, it’s flat-out winner. Let’s hope new relations with Cuba are as sweet and savory as the cigar.

Five-out-of-Five Stars

Bill Dumas Partner/Editor

Bill Dumas is Parnter/Editor of Las Vegas Cigar Guys and a veteran cigar smoker of over 25 years with a passion for cigars. A former retail cigar shop owner, his knowledge about cigars and the business is second-to-none.

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