Warped La Hacienda Superiores Warped La Hacienda Superiores
The folks at Warped have really laid it on us this time. The Warped La Hacienda Superiores quickly won over your Las Vegas Cigar... Warped La Hacienda Superiores 4.5

The folks at Warped have really laid it on us this time. The Warped La Hacienda Superiores quickly won over your Las Vegas Cigar Guys.

Despite the ending of the Cuban trade embargo formally in the last year, nostalgia runs high for not only Cuban cigars, but also for those brands that died after the Communists took over the island nation. Thanks to our friends at Warped Cigars, one of those older and beloved brands is back with the Warped La Hacienda Superiores. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to review the La Hacienda Superiores.

The medium bodied Warped La Hacienda Superiores comes to us from the rich volcanic soil of the Esteli region of Nicaracgua artfully rolled at the Casa Fernandez TABSA factory. The bold Cuban-inspired profile gives Warped Cigars one of its most dynamic offerings. It’s available in most fine cigar shops and is one of those cigars you want to grab when you can.

Since I am a marketing guy by trade, I really dig the Warped brand and owner Kyle Gellis. He’s taken Warped into a really great place and not only are the cigars great to smoke, but the brand’s feel and look are stellar. Visit the Warped website for great info on cigars, coffee and a slate of very hip products like T-shirts, espresso cubs, and other accessories.

Now on to the cigar.


Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corjo 99

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Size: 5 5/8 x 46 (Superiores Corona)

Price: $9.00

The Cigar

The Warped La Hacienda Superiores is an eye catcher with its nice dark cinnamon colored wrapper that is free of any major veins or seams. It’s an appealing cigar due to its large size and beautiful aqua, black and gold band. It’s a fine looking stick and upon a straight cut pre-light draw, the draw of the Warped La Hacienda Superiores is both pleasurable and gives hints of what lies ahead. The quality of the construction makes you stop and really explore the cigar after cutting it. You sit there admiring it – making it hard to light on one hand, but the anticipation builds and its time to let her rip.

First Third

Upon lighting the Warped La Hacienda Superiores, you’re immediately welcomed with a nice mix of fruit and cedar notes. The natural tobacco flavor shines through from the start with an unbelievably even burn and perfect gray ash. The cedar continues to come through strong as the fruit note gains ground leaving you with a unique and enjoyable profile throughout. A bit of creaminess also enters the fray giving a great balance early in the smoke.

Second Third

For us, the second third of the Warped La Hacined Superiores brought continued fruit and cedar, with the cedar moving to the back. In addition, we detected a nice nutty note which filled in with the fruit quite nicely. The evenness of the notes, with the continued consistency of the burn, blew us away. We found a slight pepper note sneaking out at the end of the second third, making us wanting to see what the final third had in store.

Final Third

That pepper flavor didn’t last long as the stronger fruit and nut notes returned strongly. Finishing this cigar was a great time and the Warped La Hacienda Superiores didn’t disappoint as we smoked it down to about a half inch. All the while, the cigar never became harsh and we had trouble saying goodbye.

The Verdict

Simply put: the Warped La Hacienda Superiores is, in our opinion, one of the best cigars on the market today. Leveraging an old-school brand, coupled with a truly enjoyable and tasty blend, the Warped La Hacienda Superiores grabbed us and never let go. It’s a remarkable smoke we recommend you buy today and one of those special cigars we believe is truly home humidor worthy. Once you smoke it, you’ll want a box of 25 so you can enjoy it again, and again.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Scott Gulbransen Editor-in-Chief/Partner

Scott Gulbransen is Partner and Editor of the Las Vegas Cigar Guys and is a 20 year public relations, digital marketing, social marketing and journalism pro with a love for cigars. He's published author of two books and is working on a third.

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